Training courses include basic, elementary and more advanced courses

 The Level one and level two courses are designed to cover the basic principles of adventure motorcycle riding, in a safe and non-threatening environment, with the ultimate goal of giving our Triumph riders the confidence to venture onto the myriad of wonderful dirt roads and explore South Africa.

 The Level One course is hosted on a Saturday or Sunday and covers the essential skills required for off road adventure riding. It is most suitable for those with little or no off road experience, but with a good confidence level.

The Level Two course is suitable for those who have completed the level one course and wish to build on their skills. Re-capping exercises presented on the Level One course in more difficult terrain. In addition long climbs & descents, ruts, jumping an obstacle and introduction to sand riding are some of the exercises that make up this Level Two course.

This course is hosted on a weekend, starting Friday afternoon to Sunday Morning.


For official Triumph Training courses, participants are always welcome to bring a non-Triumph riding friend.

For the more advanced courses, non-Triumph riding motorcyclists are welcome to contact IRide to discuss their training requirements.